PHAB is a totally voluntary organisation based in Bradford which is wholly reliant upon raising all its own funds. Phab is a registered Charity with the Charity Commission (no. 507255).

Funds raised have enabled us to continue and provide activities for the less able across the Bradford and surrounding District.

For many, it is the only social outing they are able to access each week. It offers them an opportunity to partake in activities whilst at the same time giving their carers or parents, the option of either joining us or taking the opportunity to have some respite.

We truly are a community group encouraging members from all walks of life. Without help from organisations, we would struggle to continue and for that support, we are eternally grateful.

Whilst the children and young people are enjoying a wonderful experience in a stimulating and challenging environment, the emphasis is also on building self-esteem, confidence and independence, learning new practical and personal skills, and supporting each other through friendship and working, living and having great fun together.